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Lessons and Classes, Winter 2020, Wellington FL Area near West Palm Beach ….completed.


At last!  Arlene White has generously offered the use of her air conditioned classroom in Loxahatchee, on the outskirts of Wellington, Florida during my stay for the 2020 season. 

I’ve been hunting for a studio and teaching space here for ages! I’m very excited to be able to pass on a lifetime of trying every art material I could get my hands on, and the skills and knowledge I’ve gleaned over my 50 plus years as a professional artist. Equally, I’m on a mission to put a brush in the hand of every person who tells me they have no talent or are afraid to try being creative, or gave it up. (Who cares about straight lines anyway?)

The pleasure of making things should be enjoyed by everyone. It’s great for your brain and therapeutic as well. My emphasis is on the process, the fun, and the exploration. Self-criticism is to be left at the door. A room full of people being creative has a fabulous, inspiring energy.

All the art materials will be provided!

Advanced work and concerns can share space with beginners and novices as examples to learn from, or be reserved for private lessons. Anyone is free to book a private or semi-private lesson on Tuesday afternoons (and possibly other times). Mondays begin with an hour long intro class geared toward beginners or those starting in a new medium, and all students are asked to take this class one time as a start. 

Monday afternoon has two, two hour classes and possibly an evening session. These will be hands on, information intensive, varied, playful and practical. See a partial list of subjects below. Attend as often as you can.

Wednesdays from 4:30 to 7:30 or 8:00 are for creative play, where anyone can come try out many kinds of art materials in a totally relaxed atmosphere, intended to be stress relief as much as exploration. You can paint with me on a canvas, make a beautiful mess, bring a project of your own, some wine and your dinner (fridge, microwave and toaster oven for your use). 

Classes are limited to 12 students, and the minimum age is 14. 

I suggest you reserve a space in all classes, especially beginning oils. Drop ins are welcome anytime as long as there is space. Maximum 12 persons per class.

Intro Class, Mondays 2 - 3 PM, $35. (STRONGLY suggested for all, one time)
Classes Mondays 3 - 5 PM and 5 - 7 PM, varying subjects covered plus hands on work and projects, $55. plus $10. materials fee per class

Tuesday afternoons, 55 minute private and semi-private lessons by appointment, $75., or $60. each for two students 

Wednesdays, 4:30 - 7:30  Creative Play sessions, $55. including materials, or bring your own supplies, $40.  Please try to RSVP so no one gets turned away! 518 6537708 text preferred.

I may be available for “house calls” or appointments at other times.

Dates:  for session 1

January 20   OPEN HOUSE 4:00 - 7:30 PM

January 21   by appointment only, 2:00 and 3:00 slots only, booked in advance

January 22   Creative Play, 4:30 - 7:30,  $55. Including materials, $40. if you bring your own

January 27   Intro class, 2 - 3 PM, $35. including materials. (Please take at least once.)

                     Class 1, 3 - 5PM, Class 2, 5:30 - 7:30, each $55. plus $10. materials fee

January 28   Private/semi private lessons by appointment, hourly, 1 PM - 5PM, $75./$60.

January 29   Creative Play

February 3   Intro, Class 1, Class 2

February 4   Afternoon appointments

February 12   Creative Play (just added)

February 17  Intro, Class 1, Class 2

Session 2:   (Schedule and pricing may change)

March 2       Drawing Class, new location

March 3       Afternoon appointments

March 4       Creative Play

March 9       Intro, Class 1, Class 2

March 10     afternoon appointments

March 11     Creative play

March 16     Intro, Class 1, Class 2

March 17     afternoon appointments

March 18     Creative Play

March 23     Intro, Class 1, Class 2

March 24     afternoon appointments

March 25     Creative Play

Possibly a class on March 30


Half Pass Heaven Farm, 2457 C Road, Loxahatchee FL 33470

Just north of Okeechobee Blvd. This is a private horse training facility, with rules which absolutely must be observed. We must not frighten the horses or trainers, maximum speed 10 MPH. The owner will be happy to show you the facilities, but please only stay within our classroom area otherwise and don’t go near the horses. Attendance on the property is at your own risk.

Follow the signs to the rear of the property. If the gate is closed, please call me at 518 6537708.

A/C, bathroom, fridge, toaster oven and microwave on site. Cold water only.

Please bring a small, wide mouth screw top glass jar, clothes to paint in, dishwashing gloves with ribbed palms, something for note taking.

You are welcome to bring your favorite supplies (No solvents, turpentine, pastels or powdered pigments!), but I’m supplying the materials for the classes. 

Subjects covered will include:

Safe handling of materials and cleanup

Beginning oils (they’re easy!)

Drawing skills and eye training, tools and skills

Composition, perspective, personal expression

Color mixing, beginning and advanced

Paint, paper, brush comparisons and what’s best for the task

Water media, including soluble crayons, pencils, watercolors acrylics and water mixable oils

Copying is a great way to learn

Painting horses, if that’s your thing

Shopping for materials without wasting your money, resources (maybe a field trip to Jerry’s Artarama)

Preparing surfaces

Group projects and working on a painting with me

Some Materials provided: 

Brushes, paper, acrylics (fluid to heavy body), artist’s crayons, soluble pencils, oils, water mixable oils (student grade to professional), dye sticks, pencils and conte sticks, brush cleaning soap, canvas, easels, rags, lights, etc.

Class 1 and Class 2, while being ongoing open workshop classes, will include differing types of information every week, and may or may not relate to each other on the same day. You may come to either class anytime. We will be covering so much material that it’s not possible to repeat in depth an area we are learning about in that session. I’ll try fit in additional Intro classes for those who can’t come Mondays at 2:00.

HOWEVER, students may continue to work on their own projects during all classes, and I will give personal attention and help as needed to every student, whether or not they are participating in a featured subject of the class, i.e., blending techniques

As much as possible, I’ll post in advance what the we will focus on in each class. But I want to be flexible when possible, to accommodate the needs and wishes of my students. You may also text me to ask what and when, or email ppowers @ greydun .com, just be aware that I may only check email twice a day. Always check on Facebook if you can.