This is an example of a flat, unstretched canvas being stapled to a wall for an exhibition. These panels can hang like tapestry, or be stapled all around with a wood trim covering the staples. However, I prefer the raw edges with the layers of paint revealed . “Heron”, collection of Milo Mott

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• High School of Music and Art, NYC 1965-1968

• School of Visual Arts, NYC 1968-1970

• San Francisco Art Institute, 1979-1983  Honors Program, 

               BFA and MFA in Fine   Art


Patricia Powers M.F.A. was born in New York City, currently lives outside Hudson NY, in the Hudson Valley. She teaches private and semi private students in her large studio and free workshops for locals, and spends part of every winter in Wellington, Florida, where she hopes to create a studio school. 

The studio is open for visits by appointment, and can be reached via Amtrak (Hudson) or car (2 1/2 hours north of Manhattan) . 

“I found Patricia Powers’ work to be something like the tides.

There is an ebb and flow, a gentle but unstoppable power that can, at times, be like a tidal wave. Life, too has been tidal for her, pushing both with and against, giving such crest and speed that at times it seemed all she could do was allow herself to be swept along.

Not surprisingly, she works in monumental scale. In person, the sheer size of her work has the ability to render the viewer speechless. The compositions contain only the elements that are absolutely necessary; there are no distractions. The effect is instantaneous and direct- and it is poetic, it is cathartic. It is also sometimes shocking; and if you must look away, the negative space where you land to regroup is a vast endlessness- -there are no comfortable landscapes in which to wander.

Patricia Powers is one of those painters that can jolt other artists back into reset mode.”

—Lyne Raff

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Most of my paintings are painted on the sides and do not need framing.

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