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I began this series while recovering from a lengthy illness. The myriad small pains and intermittent aches and discomforts that dragged on caused me to really examine my own expectations that my horse would be totally fine as long as he wasn’t obviously unsound or in pain.  We ask them to perform specific movements and tasks, often in specific way, without really knowing how well they feel from day to day. Horses protect themselves from predators by disguising any weaknesses, making detection more difficult. We are made of the same stuff, and all creatures feel as we feel.

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Flesh And Blood

Two unstreched panels, 9 x 4’ oil on canvas


Chalk And Cheese

Two 24 x 20” oil on canvas

A and I

Mixed media on paper

Snapshots and Me

24 x 20” Drawings

Flesh And Blood III

9 panels, 2 x 2’ each

oil on canvas

Alerich and Ann

Mixed media on paper

Peter and Armin

12 x 16” Watercolor on paper

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