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Selected commissions including portrait work for clients and some of the many murals I’ve done under the name “Grey Dun Studio”. I started the mural business to help pay for graduate school in California and continued it on the east coast.

“Hobson’s Choice,” commissioned by Roselyne Swig for the lobby of the new Fairmont in San Jose, CA

10 by 18 feet, it was painted in a friend’s boathouse in Lakeville CT., on three panels. 

“Qasanova,” a recent favorite commission for Matthew Johnson, Wellington Florida. 6.5 x 8 feet

“The Ishtar Gates” mural on wooden bifold closet doors. Note the door handles. New Jersey.

“Donkeys,” 8 x 8 feet, for Doug and Shanon Rawlinson, Canada

The painting was rolled for transport, and the stretcher bar, cut in half because of the size;

was reassembled on site.

Roselawn Farm Mural, Millbrook NY. Commissioned by Regina Trapp. Painted over white by Mary Gilliatt for Natasha Richardson and Liam Neeson. Such is life.

Incorporated into this showroom is a canvas panel that creates an opening in a cramped space. The panel is stapled to the wall, and the staples covered by wood strips painted to match the rest of the mural. The panel was removed and kept when the showroom closed.

“The PartHENon,” Millbrook NY. Designed and built with Peter Lawrence, a working chicken house for very posh chickens. The mural depicts AtHENa on her throne.

A 360 degree mural for a small entryway, Millbrook NY. All the images are after George Stubbs.

Some small pieces, including Rampal in a landscape for Iron spring Farm,

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